The Truth About God & Man

Truth One—God is a unique being. There is no other like Him. He is completely and forever righteous, holy and pure.

Truth Two—Man was once innocent, able to walk with and commune with God face to face. Having been deceived by selfishness and pride, man succumbed to temptation, disobeying God’s command—sin—separating all people from God.

Truth Three—Jesus, was born of a virgin who conceived Super-naturally of God’s Holy Spirit, making Him both God and man, qualifying Him alone as a suitable and acceptable sacrifice for our sinfulness. His blood shed in obedience not only covers our sin, but cleanses us of our sin in the sight of God.

Truth Four—God’s Holy Spirit reveals these truths to individuals, making them aware that no matter how good a person they are, they can never be, on their own, good enough to be reunited with God.

Truth Five—By confessing this truth and accepting Jesus Christ as the only hope for salvation from inheritance of sin, every individual can be saved from their inheritance of an eternity in hell—total separation from the grace of God.



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